Tiepolo & Theatre

                                                               ©Edward Burman; March 2016

                                                               ©Edward Burman; March 2016

This restored fresco in the Accademia in Venice, titled “Devoti affacciati ad una loggia” (Devotees looking out from a loggia), was painted by Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770) - who was once President of the Academy - and his collaborator Girolamo Mengozzi (1688-1774). Positioned high up on the ceiling as it was in the original building (the fresco was removed intact, and then installed here), it’s a striking composition with its delicate colours and the way in which brilliant use of perspective opens up a series of arches behind the main figure in blue.

But even more striking to my eye is the way in which even the painted marble figure above the niche (whose wings suggest an angel) seems to be participating in the devotion.

It’s pure Venetian theatre.

Interestingly, Mengozzi also worked as a scenic designer for theatres in Venice.