Terracotta Warriors: History, Mystery and the Latest Discoveries was first published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 2018. It will be published in the USA in the summer of 2018 by Pegasus Books, and in a Chinese translation in Beijing by Xiron Publishers in 2019.

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These three elements provide the structure of this book. History: the chronicles and annals of Chinese history help us to outline the straightforward historical record. This provides the basic starting point of the story. Mystery: since the emperor’s death there have been several mysteries, regarding the character of the emperor, the deliberatedly disguised location of the mausoleum, its real purpose, and more recently the uncertain role of the terracotta warriors. Discovery: in the past this was haphazard, as in the serendipitous 1974 discovery of the warriors by a farmer digging for water, but today has become systematic and adopts advanced archeological and scientific techniques which fill out the History and seek to resolve the Mystery.

In the decade or so since the last publication of major new studies of the First Emperor, a lot of new research has been done, including new excavations and the use of new technologies for the analaysis of finds, the preservation of colour and metallurgical studies. On the basis of these new discoveries and fresh ideas about the complex layout of the entire site comprising the still-unopened mausoleum, its partially excavated and studied surroundings, and the terracotta warrior site, the book will seek to provide new answers to some of the most fascinating questions - to which as yet there are no definitive answers but many intriguing hypotheses. There will be 32 pages of colour photos.