Knights Templar

Today is exactly 710 years since the arrest of the Knights Templar throughout the kingdom of France, and the beginning of the trial process which led to their demise. All the more precise because 13 October 1310 was also a Friday. It's nice to be able to quote myself from my 1986 book on the Order.

The arrest of the Templars throughout the Kingdom of France on 13 October 1307 is often presented as a surprise which no one in Christendom could possibly have foreseen, whereas in fact multiple signs pointed towards such an inevitable resolution at a single stroke of many of the problems of the French king. Philip had already brought the Holy Roman Church under his control, and could now aim at destroying one of its richest orders to relieve a severe shortage of cash. In the light of his attacks and confiscations against the Church, the Jews and the Lombards it is difficult to accept that this violent attempt at quick suppression was a surprise to any wise observer. ‘All the world knew’, writes Jean Favier. Except, evidently, Jacques de Molay.