Billy Connolly

I just read the “joke of the week” in The Independent. It probably won’t be very funny to most readers, but it made me want to watch some vintage Connolly - which thanks to YouTube is now easy. The trouble is that none of the Chinese friends who I’ve tried to initiate into Connolly with careful explanations have even begun to understand. Language is obviously part of the problem, but I find that the best part as a half-Glaswegian. The culture is tougher to “get”, when he drops Celtic/Rangers matches in the old days into a rant about terrorism, for example. Do they think they can frighten Glaswegians?

The weather is less problematic, and he’s completely right. There’s no place in the world for me lovelier than Skye in June…

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.
— Billy Connolly, Gullible’s Travels (1982)